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Rules for Kings Mill Res

1. Current permit and rod licence must be carried at all times. Anyone who fails to produce either on days of fishing may be asked to leave.

2. Dogs are allowed on the site, but must be well behaved and on a lead.

3. Fishing is by annual invitation and may be terminated at any time. Rule breaking or bad behaviour will result in termination of ticket.

4. No litter. Any angler found with litter in their swim whilst fishing or after departure will be BANNED—this is irrespective of whether the angler      deposited the litter or not. Please take all litter home or bin it

5. Anglers can act as a bailiffs if necessary and challenge anyone on the lake they suspect of being suspicious

6. Cars must be parked in the parking areas

7. Cutting or removal of any vegetation is NOT allowed

8.  Any signs of pollution , fish or wildlife in distress please notify us at once.

9. Barbless or Micro barbed Hooks only NO LARGER THAN Size 4

10. Strictly no fishing the wildlife bird area. No fishing on the front of the Sailing club and Adventure Base area. Only fish off proper pegs marked

11. Maximum of 3 Rods only.

12. Please do not leave rods in the water unattended OR NO MORE THAN 10 METERS AWAY

13. 12lb minimum breaking strain main line if Carp fishing.

14. No shock leaders, no braid main line (except for spod and marker rods) and no fixed leads.

15. Only suitable large unhooking mats and landing nets must be used

16. No carp to be kept in keep nets. It is acceptable to retain for a short period of time to allow for Pictures
17. No swimming. Wading to unhook fish is allowed only

18. No fish to be taken away from the water.

19. Bait boats are allowed

20. No open fires allowed at any time. Stoves ok

21. If you see any dead or unwell fish please report it

22. Strictly no guns, No drugs or Alcohol No loud music

23. All nets and unhooking mats must be completely dry before starting to fish (this is to prevent the spread of diseases from other fisheries).


25. Predator fishing season is Oct 1st until Feb 29th. No Lure /spinning /dead baits outside this time.


Stake Holders

There are may stake holders throughout the Mill Waters project and with good management and mutual respect this will strengthen the position of angling within the wider Mill Waters Project.  It is important to note that the Adventure Base fully supports fishing access to Kingsmill Reservoir, they operates seven days a week including evenings on the water and will wherever possible maintain a safe distance from pegs in use, however please be mindful that in certain weather conditions and with novice groups this can be very difficult even with experienced and qualified instructors.  If you experience an issue with a group of water users that you do not feel was handled appropriately please be patient allow them to pass/move on and then contact the Adventure Base Head of Centre directly who will address your concern

Price structure 2023/24

2 types of membership includes the use of both Sutton lawn and Kings Mill res.

We are offering a Premium season ticket for £60 for the year from June 1st - May 31st. OVER 18s ONLY

This includes night fishing You can night fish on both venues. But we have strict rules. Caught drinking or taking drugs you will lose the right and be banned.

Also a Standard ticket for £40. This is a dawn till dusk only. Again the same yearly membership as the other ticket June 1st - May 31st

Day tickets on KINGS MILL RES are £14.00 for 3 rods ,£10 for 2 rods / £7.00 for 1 rod per day only. Available on the bank. Cash only . No night fishing. No alcohol or drugs.

OAP £5.00 proof needed. Max 2 rods

Under 14 free must fish with adult.

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